Thursday, July 14, 2011


I passed my drivers test! HELL YEAH!


No more failing because the assessors don't know the road rules, or find some fault in my usage of the clutch that no other assessor thinks is a flaw, no more varying subjectivity of judgement of my skills! I HAVE PASSED! And now I have to wrack up 25 hours of driving time so I can progress onto my P's and drive by myself! (Yes, 25 hours, I was in before they changed it to 50 so it doesn't apply to me. Screw you more recent learner drivers!)

I was dizzy, I had stayed up past 3am that day because of the Harry Potter premier and I still passed with ease. Awww yeaahhh. It's really annoying that it took me this long because it is actually really easy. I knew that I failed before because of those freak random occurrences of situations I'd never encountered before or bad split second judgements I made under pressure. The test isn't hard. You drive around in circles, park, do a u-turn, that's it.

I rock. I finally did it without messing up. BAM!

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