Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Krista

Hey guys guess what! I have a webcomic now!

You may have noticed from my previous posts that it has been my ambition to start a webcomic up for a while now. Well, I have achieved it! Though it is not actually the webcomic I have previously mentioned. Instead it is a different idea that is actually a little bit older, but still awesome. It is called "Dear Krista" and it is a black and white webcomic with no running storyline or characters. It's an absurdist/dark humoured webcomic with single framed images with captions, often featuring anthropomorphised animals or objects, terrible individuals - often insane, and unusual circumstances or made up things. It's kinda like Natalie Dee (by Natalie Dee) meets Pictures for Sad Children (by John Campbell). I feel like there could also be some A Softer World (by Joey Comeau) influence in there but I don't want to say that because other's might not see it, plus the format is quite different. It's not too immediately apparent from what little I've done so far but as I develop it further and post more (a busy schedule of 3 a week) it'll hopefully pick up in interest.

So guys, check it out! It's on Tumblr (I went for the free option). Also tell your friends on Tumblr about it too if you feel like it because really it is not getting much attention right now.

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