Friday, May 6, 2011


So I decided that due to poor planning, I'd just deliberately overload. Well then...

Well I started off strong and decided I would get things done in advance, I'd be a good uni student (I'm sure we all say this at the beginning of semesters) and I would not get overwhelmed by the large amount of course work. Well it started off well, it always starts off well... then eventually I decided that seeing as I did 4 units per semester in first year and so it wouldn't matter much if I did 4 units this semester. This may have been true.

But now it's nearing the end of Semester and the major assignments are crashing down. Everything is all blarg, rar, do it now do it now.

You don't have time.

So it's a bit stressful. I'm not going to have a social life for the next few weeks. People go "oh you're so lucky, you don't have exams" well screw you! My assignments are worth the same as your exams and I don't have those study weeks to prepare for them! They're due at the end of semester so I don't get extensions. If something goes wrong, if I break my bones and go to hospital I don't get a few extra days to finish something.

So I've got 2 films to do. My one, the one I care about (that I wrote and I'm directing) was scheduled to be filmed ages ago. We filmed some of it and we were meant to film two consecutive days but then it got delayed again and again and again. Now we're scheduled to film on Friday the 13th and screw superstition, screw everything we're doing this and getting it done.

But the things we've already filmed need to be refilmed and everything's terrible as I just don't have time. I have other assignments to do and it's going to become very very stressful very soon. I really don't see how I will get this film edited in time. I'm not the one editing it and I can't get my editor into a proper conversation, he doesn't reply to texts often and never answers his phone and is never on Facebook.

I am going to have to not have a social life for a few weeks, stay inside, and work constantly. I have to get things done.


OtterKat said...

Why don't you attack this person like, as you posted awhile ago, the otters attcking each other?

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

Attack who? The University itself?