Saturday, April 30, 2011

Doctor Who Season Finales

Hey, so those Whovians who have been watching the new series will have noticed that the season finales always have to be bigger, grander, more over the top than the previous one. This is a bit ridiculous... how will Season 6 end after having to top Season 5's finale with the Pandorica?
Well here is a run down of the finales so far and my prediction for this new season.
  • Season 1 - Rose looks into the heart of the TARDIS, is given the power to destroy an entire fleet of Dalek ships trying to invade earth before The Doctor absorbs the power and regenerating. Also the Daleks have come back from the very brink of extinction just before this.
  • Season 2 - Daleks and Cybermen simultaneously try to invade Earth, killing lots of people and ending in Rose being banished to an alternate universe. Turns out the Daleks weren’t extinct, they were just hiding in the void in prison and the Cybermen have managed to find a way to travel between universes.
  • Season 3 - The Master has taken over the Earth with the help of the remains of the human race 100 trillion year into the future, (The TARDIS is cannibalized to prevent a paradox from tearing the whole of space-time apart) killed a huge amount of people and is building missiles to destroy hundreds of planets. The Doctor reverses the effects of being forcively aged through the combined psychic powers of the entire human race and The Master is killed, leaving The Doctor as truly the one and only of his entire race. Time is reversed a year to undo the destruction and conflict caused by The Master.
  • Season 4 - The Daleks resurrect their frequently killed off creator, Davros, and this is a convenient time for every single companion in the new series to bunch together into one spot (with the cast of Torchwood and Sarah Jane adventures thrown in for the sake of being completely OTT). Rose literally tears a hole between universes to be back, Jack is busy being immortal, Harriet Jones sacrifices herself to call The Doctor into the spacial distortion that puts tons of planets that have been stolen by the Daleks, Sarah has a warpstar with which to threaten to explode everything with, and Martha has the Ostenhagen key just because the world has nuclear bombs in it’s core of course. Oh yeah, also the Daleks have a device (the “reality bomb”) that threatens to destroy all matter in the entire universe. There’s also a prophecy by a crazy Dalek that death will ensue for one of The Doctor’s companions. This prophetic Dalek wasthe last Dalek but no, the Daleks have come back from being extinct (except for that just one) for the 3rd or 4th time just to destroy the entire universe… Also, Donna manages to cause a (very big word thing) which grows another Doctor to live with Rose in an alternate universe.
  • Season 5 - EVERY BAD GUY EVER builds the most unescapable prison, the Pandorica, to imprison Matt Smith's incarnation of The Doctor for all eternity because they foresee the end of the entire universe (and that's not allowed to happen unless they are the ones who do it). The plan backfires and the entire universe endsThis is caused by some unseen dark force that hijacks the TARDIS and causes it to explode, creating time altering cracks in time that eventually consume everything. All of time and space is no more, reality collapses, and the rules of causality no longer applies as Amy Pond’s older self exists outside of her personal history (her younger self ceases to exist, along with everyone else except The Doctor, River Song, Rory and of course that one Dalek that never dies no matter what. They have to become near-extinct at least once per season to fill a quota). Needless to say, The Doctor restarts the entire Universe with The Big Bang 2, but as his personal history rewinds, he sacrifices himself by being on the other side of the cracks - meaning the entire universe is rebuilt with the exception of him. Amy’s amasing mind remembers him and he is brought over back into reality once again through sheer force of Stephen Moffat says so shut up.
  • Season 6 (Upcoming) - Everything blows up 10 timesThe Daleks come back and so does Jesus, who is really a space raptor from another universe. Also, every universe blows up at least 7 times even the one with Rose and 10.5 in. Stephen Moffat himself is called into the Whoniverse and breaks the 4th wall because every universe breaking just wasn’t enoughRory also reveals that he is secretly Chuck Norris and round house kicks the multi-verse back into existence because he freaking can OK? 
Well that’s my prediction anyway.

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