Monday, July 12, 2010


Albany is full of Albanians!

...... *cricket chirps*...

No? No one find that funny? OK moving on then.

Recently I found myself in Albany. Amazing, I know. I find myself many places... I start wondering what I'm doing when I'm not looking. No but seriously though, I went on holiday to Albany (to see the sights, and meet a few Albanian women... well I achieved ONE of those) and on the way there were many baby sheep! (Yes, I know they're called lambs but I just think that 'baby sheep' sounds cuter!) That or they were midgets in disguise wanting some free milk... There were also baby cows.

There was much nature around Albany. It is somewhat country like after all. Mum compared it to Hobart. It is kinda like Hobart in a sense... in the sense that it's cold, rains and is part of Australia. If you had to really compare it you could say that Albany is a flatter and smaller version of Hobart with different flora and fauna. But really, that's what defines Hobart! The fact that it's NOTHING BUT HILLS! And a few houses that live on stilts.

When in Albany I saw many things... like the historic old cottage (Mouchemores) the historic prison thing (and the historic light switches within it, along with the historic SCARY AS HELL MANNEQUINS!) and the historic whaling station (which to my dismay was decommissioned due it being economically unfeasable to continue due to oil prices instead of the owners environmental concerns.... I also got to see whale bones! HELL YEAH!). I didn't run into anyone I knew in Albany... probably because the only person I know of that lives there is Michele Philips and we're not really friends so much as kind-of-blogging-acquaintances. (I wonder what ever happened to her...)

And that brings me to another thing I saw on my adventures. DOG ROCK!

Yes, it truly does look like a dog! Though only from one side. To get to this dog rock you need to park across the busy main road and walk over to it (or... park somewhere else... I don't know) and stand there next to this poorly tended to empty space. It really didn't look like a tourist attraction so much as it looked like a large rock in the middle of an abandoned lot. Poor Dog Rock... though a young boy and his father were also there to look at it and take a photo. Then we went off somewhere else...

Speaking of dogs, they don't seem to like dogs that much. Everywhere we went had signs saying "NO DOGS!" and such, but then again we did go a bit out of town most of the town to the natural things like national parks and nature walks ect so it's understandable that they don't want dogs to ever leave the city limits... dogs are not natures friends.

Another interesting thing to see in Albany was the silent protest. What kind of silent protest? Well it's a very interesting one I have never seen or heard of before... it involved tying socks to a fence. There's a place near the beach where there's a large empty space with a fence around it that is covered with socks. Turns out the protest had to do with something not being built in the empty area that the socks surround. I'm not sure how that is meant to cause pressure on whoever is thinking about building something "...hmm... there are a lot of disused socks on that fence... huh..." but it was very interesting! I took a few photos and you'll be sure to see them on my DeviantArt on Friday when I update (but not here, as my internet is currently very slow so can't upload anything... though if I could then this blog would be a lot longer and picture filled).

But yes! Albany was lots of fun. Though it did involve a lot of playing Pokemon between seeing nature and such. Didn't see any turtles though the sign near the holiday park said that they may cross the road in the area and so people should generally look out for them to avoid running them over... nor did I see any bandicoots or people on horses. But... why would the sign lie to me!? :O

Was worth the 6 hour car ride indeed. Though the mannequins in the old prison were freaky as hell. Seriously, it was land of the scary mannequins...

Looking forward to upcoming camping trip and then... BACK TO UNIVERSITY!

Goodnight y'all.

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