Sunday, April 25, 2010


DUDE! Have you like... SEEN Kate's party on facebook!?

Yeah. That was taken at 9:27ish. By the time I finish this blog post the guest list will have probably increased by at least 5000-10000. That's if I don't take my time writing this. If I finish this just before I go to sleep, Kate's party will have increased size by the population of Monaco (~32,965). So let's quickly start blogging about the most interesting new viral event on the web before anyone else I know does!

Oh yes. Kate oh Kate. Poor Kate. When will you learn? Probably very soon... Yes. There's a reason why there's an "Open" event type and a "Closed" event type. What you really needed to have clicked was "Secret". You REALLY should've put it on "Secret"... Now one of your douchebag friends have gone and invited 250,000 people... That's what you get Kate!

At first I was thinking "Why is my friend from Uni, whom I'm not actually friends with more of just in the same class in, inviting me to her friends party? And... why the HELL does it have 10,000 confirmed guests!? 50,000 awaiting reply!? Uhh..." But then after a while I realised that this wasn't a joke. This was a terrible terrible mistake on Kate's part. And since then I have been kinda chronicling this poor woman's journey into madness... You know I sure hope she doesn't become the next Corey Worthington, that guy's a tool. Oh no! A whole new internet meme is coming out of this one party! Next thing we'll see Kate and Lolcat crossovers! Kate's big party is biiiiggg. Oh noes! All your party are belong to us? So I herd u liek Kate's Birthday party? ....Kate's Birthday Party Horse Porn. Nooooooo. Kate says to Kate's party: DO NOT WANT! Hell, there's already a "When I was your age..." facebook group about it. Yeah, back in my day she only had 25,000 people attending and now EVERYONE is going! It's no longer as exclusive anymore!

By the way, the link is here:!/event.php?eid=115542871807009&ref=ts

(Invite all your friends! Everyone else is doing it)

Man, there are so man facebook groups about this now! I hope she feels honoured about all of this... Here's my facebook group about it all btw. So let's all get this thing going people!

KATE! KATE! KATE! KATE! 43,842 confirmed. 7,836 maybes. 37,470 not attending. 167,851 awaiting reply. That's just 1 off from 257,000 people! And of course, by the time I have typed this tiny paragraph the guest list has increased by a few hundred at the least! The confirmed went up by 200 alone (I just refreshed) and it's only 9:59 as I type this! WOW!


KATE! KATE! KATE! KATE! Kate! Kate! kate! kate! kate... (fades off into the distance...)

Post edit. Damn, she cancelled the party man... What a bummer...


Anonymous said...

She has her own website now too!

Lazy Boy said...

kate's party groups!! they are funny

Anonymous said...

kate isn't a real person - i guy called david thorne created the page to demonstrate how easily facebook invites can get out of hand because of the confusing privacy settings. now it's just an awesome joke with other awesome hilarious pages about it haha.

Anonymous said...

i mean a guy, not i guy haha.

Anonymous said...

Think of all the pressies she'll get . . . .