Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It has come to my attention that many things have changed since my first blog (such as using capital letters, spelling and full stops for their proper purpose, something I did anyway normally but I was experimenting with writing them like lazy emails or proper pieces of writing or even using paragraphs!) But one thing remains constant throughout these blogs (which I think we should all have noticed). It is my use of parenthesis.

I not only use them a lot, but I also wonder if I'm using them correctly (and whenever something gets too extended within a set of brackets I will eventually get rid of them and just have it as an open string of sentences) Because you see if I finish a sentence (like I just did beforehand) and then have said brackets then I don't know if I should put a full stop on the sentence before the brackets then capital inside brackets or to put a full stop on the end of the sentence within the brackets or even both sentences, close brackets and then a full stop. I've already used All 3 examples in this blog (though one technically was with an exclamation mark. It's technically the same sort of idea with punctuation anyway) and yet I still don't know which one looks correct. It's either one of those pointless sort of punctuation questions that no one cares about or even is sure of the answer... or (maybe) it's really simple and I've just never been told the correct way...

So think about it people. Whenever you think you're having a hard time and you're sitting there in the dumps... think about grammar and punctuation and how it has helped our lives, and also think about what you can do to learn more about this exciting and interesting subject. Remember experiences you had while learning certain kinds of punctuation and reflect on how they have shaped you as the person you are today...

It won't help you feel happy. It'll just be something to do. I command you to think about the proper placement of full stops in relation to various other pieces of punctuation!

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