Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mocks (Advertising Works)

OK let's start with the short bit. Advertising works.

It does! You totally think that all those hundreds of images you're bombarded with every day affects your descisions at all but no, it does. Perhaps a long speach on how advertising gets into our brains and manipulates us is in order? No. No I just want to talk about DVD's I got recently... Keeping Mum and In Bruges. Why did I get these out recently? Because I had seen a poster for them... years ago. I remember seeing Keeping Mum being reviewed on what used to be my favourite show (The Movie Show on SBS... before it got cancelled. Yeah... nothing says "You're not different to every one else" like "my favourite show got cancelled.") back when it came out about 2 years ago. I remembered two pieces of information about it: Someone kills people and Rowan Atkinson is in it so it was a comedy. So it never really was one of those films you think "OK I want to go see next week!" it was just there. It wasn't even just there, I barely remembered it ever but when I saw it I decided that I knew OF it so I should watch it. Hmmm. Not convincing enough that advertising works? OK how about In Bruges. Released early last year. I didn't even know what it was called until AFTER I had picked it up, decided I wanted to rent it, handed it to my mother to get her approval beforehand (she gets to decide what I get to watch and apparently anything MA15+ needs tight scrutiny before I can JUST get her to say yes) and she had allowed me to get it... Yeah. Guess what I knew about it beforehand? Nothing. I hadn't even read the back, I hadn't done anything but picked it up and recognised the cover. I remember last year turning through the pages of the TV guide and seeing it advertised and it having good reviews and that was enough. You just need to KNOW of something and when you see it later you'll think perhaps you should get that something? Yeah, I say a review on the case saying "the two funniest hitmen since Pulp Fiction" and that also gives you a link to intice you. It works. After that I knew I definitely wanted to watch this film. THEN after my mother had approved it I read the back to find out why the man on the front was holding an icecream and a gun.

So yeah. Just need that one little thing put there in your mind and suddenly the product becomes so much more appealing. I also rented Juno. It was epicly awesome and not outrageous or over the top to be funny. It was brilliant and had just the right tone and feel to it to have those random lines that seem like normal dialogue just stick out and you laugh at them. They're funny. The character of Juno is pretty cool.

Wonderful short movie review there.

Anyhoo, English Lit mock exam! Agghhh? Nien Agghhh!

I spent so much time studying Chemistry and Physics and thought "It's OK... my Lit exam is on Monday but I don't need to start studying until the weekend..." And little did I know that it was actually Saturday already. Damn, I thought I had an extra day. So I spent ALL of Sunday reviewing notes, rereading things and going over things again and again thinking "It's OK. I don't need to tackle the poetry section until later..." So you can see the line of procrastination here can you? I read notes on poems without reading the poems themselves. Thankfully my exam started in the evening so I had time to study beforehand. I get up, go on computer, and play Combat Arms online for an hour and a half. Well you know I haven't exceded my download limits for Off Peak so the morning is the only time I can play OK? I am allowed to play a video game instead of studying for my imminent exam! You know why I'm allowed to play a video game and spend the 20 minutes before the exam reading the poems I had "prepared" again and again and again?

Because I rock!


Guess how it went? Come on, guess. Say it right now... to... the screen...

It could not have gone...

...and BETTER!!! XD I honestly OWNED (as in PWNED as in "showed a high level of skill in defeating or outdoing the average level of talent required to accomplish something") that exam. I have never written so much in my life before! OK one of the consistent and common feedback topics I get for my in class essays is that they are too short. Yeah I sit and write... then see that every one has written more... and there will always be pauses and thinking "OK what next? Hmm... can I really say that? Is it relevant?" and stuff like that. So you know I aim to get PAST the page and a half mark because at least then it's not TOO short. So 2 full pages is pretty good. Recently I got onto... wait for it... PAGE 3!!! :O And I was like "WHOA!" and even wrote it "PG3!!!" and underlined it and every thing it was great. That was amasing.

What's even more amasing was how I wrote an entire essay (and even got ONTO PAGE 3!!!) in 40 minutes. Then wrote another in 60 minutes... (ALSO got to PAGE 3!!!) which left with an hour and 20 minutes to do a final essay. OK basically I'm feeling quite epic that I've managed to write two essays longer than I ever would normally in less time than I normally have so I'm on a roll. I write 2 and a half pages of my final essay in an hour... and pause to do maths as I wonder how much on average I have written and what a third of 7 thirds is and what that means in terms of page space... then decided that a) it wasn't a good use of time b) was impossible to do in my head because I hate maths c) doesn't matter, I still had a lot to go.

OK remember that I'm on my 3rd page and it has lots of exclamation marks and a little arrow pointing to it say "Hell yeah!". Oh and... then my pen stops working... Whhhaaaa? Don't worry I've got 4 more. 4 more that... DON'T WORK!? I try them all twice even the one I was using before and then thankfuly I realised that it just needed to be written with at a certain angle because it was dodgy.

OK I keep writing thinking that this essay, if giving time, could just go on and on and on and not lose it's flow and still have more topics to bring up when it happens... the never EVER before achieved... mystical, mysterious... breath taking... PAGE 4!!!!

Booyah. Page 4. I kept writing and decided that because I had not much time left I'd just finish off... with 5 minutes to spare. To sit there with the biggest smile on my face not doing anything because I had finished 3 of the most epic essays I'd ever written in my life. Everyone else was busy writing away... and I had never been so happy about the outcome of an exam before.

Monday was a very good day :)

Exams are going great.

They are bound to get worse.

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