Saturday, August 29, 2009

Computers Run but they Can't Hide

"Mummm......... the computer is broken..." I say after many attempts to reformat/turn on/restart the computer in my room that led to failure.
And so starts the journey of how we got not only one brand new computer but two. Not for me though. We get a brand new desktop computer that looks seriously shiny and made of ownage compared to the outdated computer's we've previous had. Thankfully I get the old computer we had to share as a family (and now no one can complain about how I take up %50 of the harddrive when I'm only %17 of the family) and my mother got a brand new laptop because her old one died.
Well because we now have a new computer we can get rid of the old one we had and give it to you know: Me! Well I was certain some of the files I had contained a virus or two I didn't want to give to the brand new computer so I decided not to transfer any of my files until I had sorted through them. Simple enough... not going to reformat the computer just delete stuff off it. I decide to set up the computer in my room so I'm plug it in, turn it on and notice the mouse doesn't work so I decide to check the back to see if I've plugged everything in right... and I see this very very tiny black switch hidden near the power supply with the number "230" on it.

I flicked it.

The computer blew up.


*Jumps for the off switch*

AAAGGHHH! It blew up! What? What? Aww...

OK, so then I left it alone for a bit... then tried to turn it back on. Nothing happened. I tried later and it still wouldn't turn on. Leaving it alone didn't heal it, it was dead.

"Mummm... I blew up the computer...."

Well, my brother needed to fix it of course:
"OK don't worry, I think I fixed it. I plugged in a new power thing so it turns on... I don't know if it works yet because nothing else is plugged in. Also, the previous power thing plugged into here... but there's nothing on this one that plugs into there... So it might not work at all. I don't know what it does..."
Guess what the turn out was? It didn't work!

Nope. Still nothing. We cannabalised my old old computer that stopped booting up and even tried to hook the harddrive to it to no avail. Unfortunately the computer I had only owned for 5 minutes had died quite permanently.

I remember last time my computer stopped working I went to my friends house and got him to connect my harddrive to his computer and copy everything! Awesome! Well I go to his house after piano lessons, hook up the harddrive and then discover something very very bad....


Irrecoverable. Irrecoverable? Unrecoverable.... CAN'T. GET. BACK. EVER! The harddrive was fried. I really had killed it. Nothing on it was accessable and that was very very unfortunate...

So... much... so... many documents. Sure, I had backed up my illegal copy of Speed Racer with German/Dutch subtitles! WOW! Aren't I glad for that? No. I had backed up some of my youtube videos but none of my flash animations I had been working on. I also lost tons of stories, scripts. notes and even half a dozen peoples phone numbers and addresses. (yeah, I keep them in notepad files. They don't take up much space...) I am quite annoyed...

But don't worry! Because thanks to some of my wonderful friends I have replaced SOME of my missing documents! :) Which I will now share with you... in what I call "Nostalgia 3: Getting old doesn't mean I'm getting smarter"

(Mulder has recently awoken to discover that his partner Scully - named "Shrimpy" because he has no other way of remembering her other than her sheer littlness - has been kidnapped by a psychopath with a fetish for make up)

Mulder was running along the streets yelling at random people.

Mulder: Are you a psychopath? Where’s Shrimpy!? Can anyone tell me the way to Albuquerque? Where can I find my partner? Are aliens hiding in your basement? Why is everyone running away from me?

Mulder sat down on a bench exhausted. He looked over to the person next to him. The person next to him looked back and waved and took a puff from his cigar.

Cigar smoking man: So Mulder… you want information about your partner, aliens and Albuquerque?

Mulder: Yes. How did you know?

Cigar smoking man: It’s amazing what I can find out when I turn my hearing aid on.

Mulder: Interesting… tell me more of this… hearing aid…

Cigar smoking man: In due time young one. But know I must show you something very special.

Mulder gasped and smiled.

Cigar smoking man: That’s right… a map!

Mulder frowned.

Mulder: Oh… ok then… map yeah ok… map.

Cigar smoking man: Now see how we’re here? Yes well if you go this way along this road you can get to Albuquerque.

Mulder: Ooohh! Maaapp!

Cigar smoking man: Yes, very good. Now as for the rest of the things you want I can’t help you with.

Cigar smoking man stood up to leave but Mulder grabbed him.

Mulder: Mulder want map!

Cigar smoking man: Uh… look over there while I run away!

The man pointed at the ground and Mulder instantly started staring. Meanwhile the man escaped down the street and around the corner. Mulder continued staring at the ground.

Friday, August 21, 2009

You're a Nomenclature!

Ever have one of those conversations that just don't make sense? Well a friend of mine are sitting in chemistry, we're doing work on organic chemistry (mm-mm gotta love those hydrocarbons!) and I turn to him and call him Carbolic acid or something similar to that...

...And then things got kinda weird...

"Yeah, well you're nitrous oxide!"
"You're Cyclohexane"
"You're cyclobenzene"
"You're a spectator ion"
"Oh ouch man, that was a serious burn... well you're Potassium Permanganate"
"You're methane"
"You're a group 7 element"
"You're an unsaturated oleate group"
"You're an electron cloud"
"You're an algal bloom"
"You're Ethelyne glycol"
"You're hard water"
"You're a soap and detergent"
"You're a weak acid"
"You're a strong base"
"You're dimethylbutane"
"You're a cathode"
"Well you're the hydrogen spectrum"
"You're the light spectrum"
"You're indigo"
"Indigo isn't a real colour!"
"Yeah, so you don't exist"
"Well you're standard temperature and pressure"
"You're a delocalised electron"
"You have a low electronegativity"
"Well you're dispersion forces"
"You're triangular planar"
"You're the boiling point of water"
"You're an algal bloom"
"I already called you that!"
"Oh... well you're sulfure tetrachloride"
"You're a redox equation"
"You're a molar mass equation"
"You're Antimony"
"You're Polonium. You killed Madam Curie!"
"No, Radium killed Madam Curie you idiot! You're Charles' Law"
"You're the conservation of mass"
"You're insoluble"
"You're enthalpy"
"You're vapour pressure"
"You're Arrhenius theory!"
"You're Bronsted-Lowry theory!"
"You suck so much... you're a conjugate acid-base pair!"
"You're Vanadium"
"Oh yeah? Well you're String Theory!"

And that was when I won! Because I mean, come on, you can't really BEAT string theory now can you as a non-sensical science-based insult can you? Oh burn.

He so got burnt. That was indeed a serious burn. I'm so cool.

P.S. This actually went on for half the lesson. It was very very long...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Lorna got glasses! And she looks absolutely amasing in them. She's hot. She's really hot. It gives her this really sexy cute little nerd look which I find appealing.

I want to go to a library with her... and read books.... about dirty things.

After she showed me her glasses we totally went back to my house, sat on the couch and played video games (if you know what I mean!) And by that I mean we played Timesplitters 2 and she got shot several times by monkies. She got the award for "Most Cowardly" and "Pathetic Shot".

I said she looked like a sexy nerd I never said she was one...

Am I the only one who has ever wondered "Hey, I wonder if I can remover her glasses with my teeth"?

P.S. I'd learn the dewey decimal for her... :P