Monday, October 13, 2008

The End of Days (Holidays)

You know what I would've loved to have done? (Insert dirty joke about your mum... hehe insert *immature giggle*) I would have loved to actually finish one of the things I set out to do these holidays... mainly at least one my immensely numerous assignments or even study for exams that are in a month. Yes, you see I am a simple man... very simple. In fact I'm so simple I need special treatment... but I am a stubborn person who doesn't believe that I am capable of failure (I AM INVINCEABLE!) so right now I'm kinda annoyed I have so much work to do that I haven't already done and succeeded at easily... I also am annoyed that this means I actually have to do work which also annoys me because not only am I stubborn but really just plain lazy...

... in fact I have a monkey to type my blog for me as I just dictate it. No mum I'll feed the rabbit later... blogging... no blogging... No don't write that you stupid monkey! Just... no... ugh.. anyhoo, stupid monkey (My master is an idiot) who doesn't understand (He is also fat) and so I need to (Lose weight) then (lose more weight) and that's why I would write this myself if I weren't so darn lazy... anyhoo, I have done homework I just never completed any of it which is quite annoying (I blame terrorists... I was expecting them all day and not focusing then afterwards I was tired... and I got lost on the way home...) so yeah...

Oh yeah plus exams are coming up (If I haven't mentioned this before?) Which means I won't be making many videos anytime soon (Now I'm sure I've mentioned that to anyone who would care...)

So holidays are going to be over in a few hours when I decide to sleep... I can feel the end coming... oh noes! I'll also have to go back to school... actually talk to people (yay!) wait that's good! OK school good now :D To the library! (I just came from there actually. Come on kids, reading is fun! Guns are bad... they're fun but they're bad... reading is fun and good! :D You want to be well behaved right kids? :D.... kids?............ hello?) Well I somehow feel like I need to make this blog longer... when really it shouldn't be (I never have anything to say... why do you care?) Oh well. Holidays are over, I've got lots things due and I havent completed any of it... life has never been better :D

Have a nice day :)

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panicthisgiirl said...

Hahahaha! You are utterly insane Bilby! :) But it is awesome! lol

I love the fact you have a full on arugement with your "monkey". lol Hahaha. You make me laugh. Ah. The monkey bit was a crack up. Yeah I am not happy in the slightest to be back at school! It sucks soo bad :(.