Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello! (In-Jokes)

(Yes, hello, I know that I say hello in a certain tone that's always the same and if you didn't know that then you obviously don't talk to me face to face much) Well hello to those out there who actually know me! Yes, this blog post is all about people who know me and have been told/asked/threatened with their very lives to visit my blog (especially the latter... you have 4 seconds to get down on the floor Jerry Shaw... 3...2...1... EAGLE EYE IS AWESOME! just in case you didn't get the obvious reference) and I'm just saying thankyou! Thankyou for visiting this blog that without you, would not... have been read really... It would still exist (oh yes, don't think it wouldn't!) it's just without me asking people to read it this blog would never get any attention at all (And I'm pretty sure it still doesn't) so hello to all those out there I've asked to read this blog! I know all your secrets by the way... so lets just say a few in jokes shall we? Thus alienating whatever outside audience I might accidental recieve! OK? Yay! :P (Alienation is fuuuunnn) I'd just like to say...


Now, that person will probably laugh and the rest of you will think very innapropriate thoughts... and none of them are correct! :P (You have no idea... you really don't... because it's an in-joke!) OK? I always would like to say that the people who read this blog make me very happy! :P Eeeee! (eeee!), it is definitely not very poor quality and inferior... like something, let's say, that feels like STEEL WOOL! :O (oooh he went there!) But sometimes I just feel like no one (even the people I tell this about) reads this blog and it frustrates me... Bah! Jelly! But what am I doing? (what are you doing!?) well it's simple! I'm confusing the hell out of everyone who reads this blog because no single person will pick up or even understand the random references in this post (not even the high priestess of wikipedia! Although she'll understand most of them) so hmm... let's see if I can sneak any more in here... aha!

YOU SIR! (sucker!) OK now that everytime you visit this blog you know that you lose! Mwahahaha! :P OK now that I've included about 6 in jokes and references to my life that no one will understand except the people they revolve around I'd just like to say goodbye...

... my planet needs me :P (Obligatory simpsons reference just so the high priestess of wikipedia doesn't ban me indefinitely for vandalism of the internets)

Oh yeah! By the way, california's tourism is at an all time low! :P (you know what I'm talking about!) They need a mountaineer! :D (I'm so going to get yelled at for that)

...Oh yeah and to anyone who is reading this without knowing who I am or being asked to come here SCREW YO- no... no that's mean I'm sorry... I love you please forgive me random stranger? Even though you might be a pedophile (not that... I'm a kid or anything... *whistles*) but if you are a pedophile then SCREW YOU! (not literally)

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