Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Smile when I...

... fudge... forgot... I had something! Something in my MIND! Smile when I giggle and show me you care when I fall down... no that's not it at all! (Yeah like I'd be thinking that....) Anyhoo, yes this is now a MINI-BLOG! But might get larger. Or not? I don't know... probably I like talking about nothing :)

... but I DO know that I HAVE THE BLUE MARKER PEN! XD HAHAHAHA! Yes, to anyone currently reading this and knows what I am talking about.... mwahahaha oh yeah, permission (in fact I order you too) to mock the previous owner of said blue marker pen and tell them that this is what they get for drawing on my face in permanent maker! (I currently have blue marks on me that haven't washed off since Monday and now I have new ones! Grr... I'll be blue all weekend!) mwahaha! My skills as a pickpocketer has saved me from a week of nonstop random marks that appear on my face in the split second it takes to wave a pen across my face without me ducking far away to avoid it. I now seem to have developed a jittery deranged sounding laugh because of this pen... it makes me crazy but I like it. Ehehehe! Now I shall draw on his face with his pen and there will be nothing he can do about it! :P

Oh yes... ehehehehe

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