Saturday, August 16, 2008


waaaaahahahaha.... I want food... and I've just realised I've never really paid attention to the features I can incorporate in this blog... hmm... meh... oh! a different font! and... there's an eraser for some reason (why do some people call condoms "rubbers"?) anyhoo yeah... who here has heard of the 40 hour famine? (for those who don't it's a charity thingy) Yeah I should've chosen something like sleep because no food is getting to get to me :(

...ughh... I keep opening the fridge and getting juice (I'm allowed juice) and seeing the ham and mushrooms and polony and mmmmm it looks good... and my mother is cooking and ugh! :( hungry! been without food for over 22 hours and I seriously want some meat...

I'm writing a novel! :D well I would be if I could think straight it's kinda hard when you're starved but just before I started getting light headed from lack of food I was writing intently on my computer a story about a girl who is completely logical, mathematical and relatively unemotional (total left brain nerd, the kind that doesn't date or socialise much) who meets a guy who's the complete opposite and is an artist/musician and is seriously creative and right brained ect. It's interesting... so far...

Anyhoo goodbye all you people who actually are EATING FOOD! YOU SUCK! (Unless I know you in which case you don't suck)

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