Thursday, June 19, 2008

Yay! The Light shall shine!

YES! WOOOO!!!! Oh the sweet sweet taste of coincedence and chance that God has given us! Oh! Thankyou who ever out there has saved me! As you may have read (below) I lost my storyboard and oh I don't think I stressed the importance of that work considering how my production was nowhere near finished so the teacher needed to mark me on that instead... and it was worth %50 of my ENTIRE mark for the semester which basically mean's half of the entire course basically. Next semester we start a new one so looking forward to that but anyhoo back to the %50 mark worth storyboard that SOMEONE (who isn't really to blame come back safely from.. road island? no... some... french place I don't know but if you're reading then just know I expect you to have fun!... when you actually leave which you haven't... but that's OK I forgive you for LOSING ALL my work!) had "misplaced" on the back of someone's parked car... yes in a desperate attempt to patch this catastrophe together and get as many marks as possible I re-did 2-3 weeks worth of work in 2 days during my precious weekend and handed it to the teacher on time unlike most of the class... the next day...

... someone comes knocking on the door with a plastic sleeve with my name on it and handed it to me. Excited to see it's contents I nearly hugged the poor messenger (but refrained because it's weird, creepy, that guy is annoying anyway, and i was too busy holding my preeeecciiouuusss) when i realised that it contained my lost storyboard! None of it had blown away in the wind none of it had been lost it was all there intact! Whoever owned the car had realised it was on the back before they had driven away and handed it in to the front office and oh it had been returned to me! My sweet glorious work!... that... kinda made my weekend a complete waste of time... that's jsut great but it is back! I love it in it's entirety although it has become somewhat outdated and kinda off considering I thought of extra shots, abolished old ones and improved the middle scene because of the prior events/apathy/stroke of genius (which I so totally am) so I now have twicve the amount of storyboarding that everyone else has! So although there's 108 shots drawn on that storyboard the amount will change slightly.

The Light! Oh it is going so well it's nearly finished the editing is totally sweet although I have abandoned Adobe Premier Elements 3.0 to work on a more familiar yet instantly and obviously inferior editing program: Windows movie maker. The only reason for this is because of two things. One) I don't need adobe for anything except for one shot now that I have discontinued a certain aspect of the film which I forgot to compensate for during filming so can't do that plus it's too dificult in the ending scene so I've ignored the entire special effects aspect. Plus I know how to do split screen in movie maker and not adobe and YES I did just say "I can do split screen in windows movie maker"! No don't laugh at me just because you're an idiot I am a very talented and motivated media student (who unfortunately is ranked 3 not 1... damn you other 2 people beating me by just a few marks! Curse you and your neater handwriting!) who has cleverly found a way to add the split screen effect as a transition by adding it to the subfolders in the program files in the C drive. If anyone understood that or wants to know what that means so they can get the split screen effect without paying for a fancy new editing program simply type into google (or yahoo, mahalo ect) "AddOnTFX split screen" which should give you instructions on how to get it for free! Or just email me and i can get you the exact website after a bit of searching to save you time but meh... So yeah basically all the media students at my highschool have ME to thank for getting whatshisname to add that transition to the media room.
Two) Adobe is a piece of junk on the school computers. The irony is the worst and oldest comp in the entire media room has version 6.0 but can't run it properly it's so slow and old! It has a floppy disk drive! So basically even the newer ones can't even run the darn program if you have more than one stream of audio or video at the same time so it will freeze if you try overlapping two things which sucks because I need to do that! But if you don't do that it'll just mess up eventually anyway so I got annoyed at having to restart the computer every five minutes when it messed up and I hadn't done much. I don't even think it ever saves my work anyway I keep opening it and nothing shows up... doen't save anything!

So besides the fact that the computers don't work I think I've done pretty well it's looking pretty good the shots and framing are mainly all right although some of the sound is kinda annoying as hell and there's a smudge on the camera lense in one of the scenes and oh I keep finding really small things wrong with it like when someone is holding something. They pick it up with one hand then in the next shot they're holding it with two hands. That little glitch always gets me it's quite annoying. Also some of the settings on the camera were annoying so the scenes with the light get blurry randomly for a second or the light is coming from the wrong angle so I'm just really dark. But I love it it's my lovechild with the media departments camera's and I'm going to make it better... ish... It's still pretty good and I hope to actually edit in some miscelaneous sounds soon!

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