Wednesday, June 4, 2008

CB Update: Machinima: BoD

Yes I am now updating people on upcoming projects of mine and first things first... machinima. I love it.. to the extent that... I watch it... sometimes... well I only ever watch roosterteeth machinima such as redvsblue and reconstruction (woo! reconstruction part two out now! it's awesome and totally changed my expectations of what's to come) so basically... i'm doing a Halo Machinima entitled "Bilby of Death" and for further blog title's for space it's (as shown in this blogs title) BoD. Yes I thought I wouldn't work on it until after exams but I got bored with revising chemistry I already knew so I went upstairs and wrote nearly four pages of the pilot and so far have developed a few characters. There's, of course, Bilby of Death (As he is known) or Bilby for short (Big surprise I abreviate when writing the same name over and over) who is... well I can't really reveal too much about his character (and probably should change the beginning it's... kinda ruined the plot instantly) but he is known as an expert gun slinger and carries around a sniper rifle and pistol as his weapons of choice.

Agent White Snake: Part of the R.E.D, and has a strange... attraction... to his car (A warthog) which is kinda very unsual and frankly, disturbing to the other characters. He also has been in antartica for some reason unknown to us and isn't a morning person.

George: (Name alterable in the future) Is a simple man yet irritated at the life he leads inside the building, surrounded by his many guns. So far all he has done has complain that he's stuck there... so... maybe he'll get shot later on I don't know... Maybe he'll become annoying... he can go anywhere at this point in time.

SJ: (Name definitely altered in the future) Is... just there really he seems to be the one keeping George at bay, stopping the guy from getting too annoyed reminding him why he's here but he, like George, also resents White Snake and is disturbed by WS's strange attraction to driving his car around while yelling "yeehaw faster baby!"

Frasbert: Yes... yes frasbert you are in this... (how else will i make this without your Xbox?) and you basically so far are plotting something but we don't know what it is! You also don't like Bilby for some reason and don't want him in your way.

Mother: Verbally abusing and probably on steroids... don't worry she'll do more than just yell at Bilby she might even lift a gun in the future :P

Also this isn't actually my first idea for a machinima and probably won't be the first machinima you see from me but I don't have time to go into detail about my other one but I will just go through some of the details and I hopefully will get these done sometime in the future (I have so many other projects and schoolwork to do beforehand but thats OK my friends are enthusiastic about this for once) So far the maps I've chosen are Last resort and Valhalla but there might be some other maps included. Also, because yes, i know, this is yet ANOTHER one of the multiple Halo 3 machinima's I am a bit uneasy going into this project as my first published machinima so, like I said, I hopefully will have released my Warcraft machinima (no it's NOT a World of Warcraft Machinima you idiots out there thinking Warcraft means WoW... there is a game called Warcraft that doesnt cost money every month to play... you know... like normal games... the ones worth playing) which is called Warcraft: The Un-Life.... which will be explained in the actual video. Both of these are upcoming miniseries (yes a SERIES! yay! finally a recurring linear storyline!) for my youtube channel...

... proving just how nerdy I am... I did my media investigation on sci-fi and fantasy films roles in society and progression in history and used machinima as a new form of film-making... and got a pretty high mark so being called a nerd really isn't going to get to me much.

P.S. Yes both of them are comedies although BoD is semi-serious and less outrageous and eccentric as my other videos. so look forward to them in the distant future!

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